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EUjuri committee recommends removal of ec from TPD

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EUjuri committee recommends removal of ec from TPD

Indlæg by HelleDN on Fre 3 maj 2013 - 1:21

May 2, 2013 · by vapersagainsttheban · in #EUEcigBan, ECCAUK, Electronic Cigarettes, European Union, In the News, SWOF Campaign, Tobacco Harm Reduction.

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EU – JURI committee recommends removal of ecigs from the TPD
The EU’s JURI committee (legal affairs) has recommended that the ENVI committee remove e-cigarettes and certain other proposals from the proposed TPD.

This is excellent news for us as it indicates that somebody in the EU has actually looked at the public health issues instead of blindly following the EU / pharmaceutical and cigarette industry agenda to protect cigarette sales at any cost.

The JURI committee’s recommendations in brief are:

Remove e-cigarettes entirely from the TPD for two reasons:
Less harmful alternatives to smoking are required
The inclusion of e-cigarettes would not stand up to legal challenge
Remove certain clauses that would delegate wide-ranging powers to the EU’s committees and would remove those powers from the democratic process

Remove or amend certain plain packaging requirements and similar measures for cigarettes
There are other recommendations that would need a detailed knowledge or research into EU law to fully understand. On the whole this is an excellent development for us as it indicates that not all committees are ruled by the pharma seats. We can see some influence here from several separate factions:

The cigarette trade, who appear to have lobbied successfully for some reduction of the stringent new packaging measures.
Unidentifiable persons who have pointed out the detrimental effect of a de facto ban on e-cigarettes to public health.
Legal advisors who have pointed out that a pharmaceutical licensing form of ban on a crucial e-cigarette component (the refills) has the result of creating a de facto ban, and will fall over at the first hurdle – a challenge at the ECJ in Strasbourg – since there is no legal, health or otherwise justifiable basis for such a ban.
Governments itemised in the post linked below, who have registered objections to the TPD’s provisions.

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Re: EUjuri committee recommends removal of ec from TPD

Indlæg by Gæst on Fre 3 maj 2013 - 8:19

tak for deling Helle +)

Det er da positiv læsning sunny


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Re: EUjuri committee recommends removal of ec from TPD

Indlæg by hellrc on Fre 3 maj 2013 - 9:42

Super, og tak Helle +)
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Re: EUjuri committee recommends removal of ec from TPD

Indlæg by MeyseM on Fre 3 maj 2013 - 9:56

+) Tak Helle.
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Re: EUjuri committee recommends removal of ec from TPD

Indlæg by Sponsored content

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